ATK Photoworks
  Amar T. Khoday

ATK Photoworks features the work of Amar T. Khoday. Currently based in Winnipeg, Amar specializes in dance and portrait photography which he views as inherently intimate collaborative forms of artistic expression, binding together photographer and subject(s).

Amar has been attracted to the visual form since childhood and has dabbled with photography throughout most of his life. His interest transformed into a passion during the late 1990s. While eating at an Indian restaurant located in Montreal, Amar was captivated by a series of framed black and white photographs of Indian dancers hanging on the wall. Engaged by their simplicity and beauty, he sought to explore the world of dance photography and has been assisted over the years in his explorations with the gracious help of many dancers.

Stemming from his work with dancers, Amar has furthermore sought to capture the expressive intensity of musicians and actors. He has also ventured into other genres and continues to expand his vocabulary in the photographic arts and digital creations.